The Top 10 Graduate Schemes in London

Apr 20

Secure your graduate dream role!

Top 10 Graduate schemes in London

Has the thought of life after graduation started to shadow your thoughts? Perhaps you are wondering how to get your dream job or simply desiring to avoid being stuck at home with no job after university. 

Graduate schemes are the answer to these questions. If you are reading this, you probably already have some idea what graduate schemes are, and are trying to plan your next move. Kudos to you for being proactive! We will walk you through 10 of the best – and most competitive – graduate schemes to apply for in London.

1.     Google

Google's graduate scheme is one of the most competitive programs out there. Google offers various opportunities in the fields of Consulting, Marketing, Sales Media, Software Engineering and Technology. And contrary to popular opinion, having a degree in Computer Science is not a requirement for application.

If you're fresh from university and looking for a place to kick-start your career, Google is a good place to start. They offer a very lucrative salary and very good work perks including free food. Awesome right?

2.     National Health Service(NHS)

NHS graduate scheme provides an awesome training ground for fresh graduates. They say the programme is structured to ensure that "you will be the road to developing the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to lead our organization through its transformation into an ever more efficient, successful and professional health care service".

The scheme includes training, mentoring and support from intelligent minds in and out of NHS. There are opportunities in general management, Health Analysis, Finance and Human Resources for students in these disciplines.

3.     British Broadcasting Corporation

The BBC is virtually ubiquitous in the UK, with about 90% of the adult population using its services. It has a very good reputation and provides a wonderful opportunity for you to get noticed.

The graduate scheme has placements in Design, Engineering, Production, Business and of course Journalism. The program lasts for 2 years and with a salary worth about £20,000, it is a good option for graduates with degrees in the fields aforementioned.

4.     Aldi

The Aldi graduate is scheme is one of the most respectable and intensive programs on this list. Before we mention the impressive perks they offer, let's discuss the program itself. For graduates in Sales, the Aldi Graduate Scheme is a year-long program that "thrives on giving graduates unparalleled exposure, training and support".

You begin by learning the basics of store life before moving up to managing your area. Aldi is all about the effort you put in and if you are hardworking, there is an opportunity to travel abroad and experience new cultures while working for the company.

And we're yet to mention the £44,000 salary and the company car (Audi A4 or a BMW 3 series). Seriously, what more are you waiting for?

5.     Unilever

Unilever Future Leaders Programme lasts a maximum of three years and offers a wide variety of opportunities based on your career aspirations. With a starting salary of £30,000, the scheme offers opportunities to graduates in the fields of Marketing, Finance, Customer Management, Sales and Technology Management. In fact, they offer the most flexible degree requirement on the market making it an option you just have to consider. It is a challenging program but it could drive your career down the road to success.

6.     PWC

PWC is a company that values purpose and its graduate scheme is tailored for individuals that share that same value. They offer opportunities for graduates in accounting, and services like Consulting, Financial Advice, Legal and Tax. The best thing about the program is that it is all about you. It is directed at providing you with opportunities to unlock your potential. With PWC, "your career is just that; yours. You choose it. You live it. You make it happen".

7.     Lidl

Lidl's Graduate Management Development programme is quite similar to Aldi's except that it lasts for 2 years. It offers opportunities to graduates from all aspects of Business including Sales, Logistics and Retail. The program starts with you as a Customer Assistant and is the beginning of a long rotational journey to knowing how to work in a managerial position. The program promises graduates intense self-development as well as a salary of £20,500

8.     Barclays

The Barclays graduate scholarship is open all-year-round for applications. Applicants are selected as opportunities open and the program offers a wide range of roles across the UK. You will begin the scheme as an analyst in Banking, Compliance and Finance with rotations every six months to expose you to new roles and skills and provide you with an opportunity to expand your network. If you are interested in a career in the world of Banking, Barclays is the right environment to grow your future.

9.     Deloitte

Deloitte’s Graduate program not only offers graduates an opportunity to gain experience but it also offers permanent jobs to interested applicants. It offers graduate programmes in Audit & Assurance, Business & Financial Advisory, Governance, Tax Consulting, Real Estate, Human Capital, Technology and many more fields.

The program allows you to gain "real insight into the world of business, getting involved in some truly inspiring, challenging and meaningful work." This approach ensures that you develop the skills you need to take your career anywhere within the firm and in the world outside.

10. Accenture

Accenture is a Consulting Firm that has main offices across the UK in Edinburgh, London and Manchester. It offers graduates positions across Strategy, Software Analysis, Analytics and Technology. Accenture is all about innovative thinking and strives to help you obtain the skills you need for success. The training focuses on developing the "critical soft skills as well as the technical skills you'll need to develop into a trusted and successful Technology Architect."





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