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Graduate Scheme Success is an award winning HR consultant, specialised on outsourcing the recruiting process for private and public companies, with a focus on increasing corporate diversity.

Outsource your recruiting process to us!

At Graduate Scheme Success, we specialised in the provision of efficient & effective HR solutions. We alleviate companies from the burden of the recruitment process, leaving more time for important business development and internal affairs!

Our main areas of support are:
  • Emphasis on corporate diversity
  • Attraction of candidates
  • Supporting applicants through the process
  • Delivering testing & screening
  • Interviewing
  • Evaluation of recruitment process
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Don't yet feel ready to outsource the entire process?

Let us demonstrate our competence by supporting your business with any of our offerings:

Attraction of Candidates

Marketing, Advertising & the contacting of suitable candidates from our large data base.

Recruiting Consulting

We are keen to share our experience & optimise your recruiting process.

Preparation of recruiting resources

Our experienced team can put together the necessary materials and exercises.

Diversity Consulting

Growing diversity is directly proportional to profitability...

Application & Interview training

Through our online platform & our account managers, we are able to offer tailored support to graduates.

Corporate skills - courses

Supporting new & old employees with comprehensive business skill courses.
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